First agribusiness asset manager to receive a sustainability award from Globo Rural (2015)

  • Most sustainable farm recognition: Located in Piauí, our 29,500 ha Fazenda São João was recognized as the most sustainable soy farm in the country
  • Pioneers in the structuring of agribusiness financing fund with environmental bonus for producers that preserve native vegetation
  • We received funding in 2020 from an international governmental entity focused on environmental preservation and carbon management
  • We are developing an exchange for environmental and biodiversity assets using blockchain technology


  • We have launched a project focused on recovery of construction defects, material and moral damages for hyposufficient population
  • Pilot project comprised of more than 1,000 residential properties originated under the “Minha Casa Minha Vida” federal program
  • Multidisciplinary team focused on the development of new investment theses with high social impact


Robust governance

  • We manage our assets with a solid independent board structure, in order to meet governance demands from our institutional investors
  • Supervision occurs through voting process by a majority of directors – two directors indicated by Vision and three directors indicated by the investors
  • High level of institutionalization with global investors