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Vision Brazil

In 2003, when Bank of America (“BOFA”) decided to close its operations in Brazil, a group of five senior managers that included Amaury Junior and Fabio Greco – Vision’s founding partners – was appointed to supervise BOFA’s departure from Brazil, including the divestment of the risk assets that were still being held by BOFA. The risk assets divestment process paved the way for these individuals to establish Capitânia Asset & Risk Management (“Capitânia”), a financial services company created to offer investment opportunities fundamentally to Brazilian clients while promoting the conditions to maximize the economic value of the risk assets being divested by BOFA.
In 2005, while still operating as partners responsible for the portfolio management activities within Capitânia, Amaury Junior and Fabio Greco structured and successfully executed their first significant credit securitization supported by consumer loans and asset backed agricultural credits.
In 2006, in anticipation of Brazil’s economic turnaround – evidenced by the improvement of the country’s macroeconomic fundamentals, Vision’s founding partners decided it was time to focus exclusively on foreign institutional investors. They therefore separated the Brazilian clients’ related activities undertaken by Capitânia from those directed to international clients and formed Vision Brazil Investments as an independent asset management company focused in offering investment opportunities in Brazilian Real Assets to foreign institutional investors.

Our Mission

To be a company built on a solid foundation, with pioneering ideas and committed to excellence, offering innovative and alternative investments through a team of dedicated and highly specialized professionals.

Our Focus

To be an innovative company that delivers high performance, generating opportunities and creating value for investors, shareholders, partners and Brazil.

Our Culture

  • Team Work
  • Pioneering and Innovation
  • Long-Term orientation
  • Performance driven
  • Integrity
  • Meritocracy
  • Proactive
  • Determination
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